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Loan at your Doorstep

We visit your home and explains the loan process in detail. We follow a standard procedure and helps you to make the right choice. Regards Financial Services is a well-qualified DSA associated with 25+ Financial Institutions & with a competent team of professionals who are always willing to support you and help you get your loan processed easily.

End to End Assistance

As a professional team of DSA, the DSA shall reach you in person to explain the process in detail. Once your data is provided to the team, the team shall maintain complete confidentiality of your personal data. The provided data shall be taken for further processing with the respective financial institutions, hence providing you support from the scratch. Team Regards Financial Services assures its customers End to end assistance at any phase of loan processing.

Customer Support

As an applicant, there is always a chance for queries to raise every now and then, a team member from us shall always be ready to answer any of your queries, at any stage of the loan processing. The young and energetic team of Regards Financial is all willing to support its customers at any stage of the loan processing without a second thought.

Multiple Bank Options

A loan applicant shall always wish to have multiple options of Banks to know the best possible offers suitable for them. At Regards Financials as we are partnered with multiple banks, it's always easy for us to provide you multiple Bank options for Best Interest Rates to serve your needs with the best possible plan.

Unique Strategy

Every customer needs differs and there needs to be a unique strategy for every customer. As a professional DSA we are always ready to support the customer with the right strategy to meet the needs. With a diverse case study, we at Regards Financials have always been able to hit the right strategy to every client.

Higher Chances of Approval

As we are partnered with multiple financial institutions, the loan application that you raise through us is evaluated and the best lender is chosen on your behalf, this helps you get loan approval done quickly. At Regards Financial Services, we are partnered with 25+ renowned Financial Institutions helping our esteemed clients have a higher probability for their loans to be approved.

No Extra Charges

There is always a misconception that a we will charge a huge amount as a commission. We at Regards Financial Services, always provide the best services to our customers and charge them nothing extra on mortgage loans.

Minimum Rate of Interest

As we are associated with several bank , we first analyse your profile and then forward your application to the bank which can offer you a best offer at that time. Thus you get a minimum rate prevailing at that time and save a huge amount over a period of time.

hassle free Process

Whole process starting form documentation to regular followup with bank is taken care by us so that you can relax and dedicated your time where ever you want.

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Trusted Advice , Specialist Knowledge

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